2021 Budget Summary: Full Details of 2021 Budget, Landlord Commentary & 19 Minute Video Explanation

My talk at the LLAS Conference on the impact of the pandemic last Thursday included a little speculation on the Budget in the hope that it would set about to aid recovery - and certainly not derail it. Many business owners will have breathed a sigh of relief as...

Section 24, Landlords and Tax Payments on Account: The worst is still to come

April 2020 marked the beginning of the fourth and final year for the staged implementation process of Section 24, and an end to private landlords being able to claim finance costs as a tax-deductible expense. Meanwhile the UKs tax payment on account system means...

UK Property Tax Changes : A Summary of HMRC Updates

The UK’s tax system is complicated – there’s no denying that. With constant changes to the rules, it’s hard for any property owner to keep up. Here’s a recap of all the significant property tax changes over the years.

COVID-19 Business Support – Q&A with Chris Bailey

With his straight-talking and uncomplicated approach, Chris Bailey (Co-Founder and Group Director of Less Tax 4 Landlords) talks through all of the Government Business support schemes, giving practical advice to business owners, alleviating concerns and providing hints and tips.

Form 17 for Landlords – adjusting the split of property income between couples

The Income Tax Act 2007 (section 836) allows for income from properties that are jointly owned by married couples or civil partners that live together, to be legally split 50/50. However, whilst most landlords are aware that income can be shared equally by married...

It’s Too Late for 2021 – How to Make 2022 Your Best Year Yet (an article on landlord tax payments)

2020 has not been an easy year for landlords and with the self-assessment deadline just around the corner, 2021 is not looking any better either - at least from a cashflow perspective. This is particularly true if you're a mortgaged portfolio landlord AND a higher...

Best Accounting & Tax Services 2020

Less Tax 4 Landlords win ‘Best Accounting & Tax Services 2020’ by Property Reporter with one judge saying “their multi-dynamic approach made them a clear winner for me” and another saying “they clearly understand & want to help landlords understand Section 24.”

Tax Truths Q&A -Tracey Hanbury interviews LT4L Co-Founder Chris Bailey [Video + Transcript]

Chris is interviewed by Tracey Hanbury of Landlord Investment Show on some of the information (and misinformation) in the marketplace, discussing in particular HMRC and Hybrid Business Structures.

Capital Gains Tax Review – Policy or Speculation? Or Just another reason to run your property portfolio as a business.

You've probably already heard by now, the Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) has, among other things, called for consideration that Capital Gains Tax rates be increased to match income tax rates. But what does this mean for Landlords? First, it’s important to point...

Issue #10: Less than 100 days to a bumper tax bill? [LT4L News]

Welcome to our 10th issue of LT4L News. There are 83 days left until your next self-assessment tax payment, and for many landlords, this is going to be a bumper tax bill.

Landlord Confidence Index Takes a Hit: Now Selling Up is Not Just About Tax.

The fate of any business is always tied to the fate of its customers. Landlords are no different.

With the scaling back of government support now delayed but looming large on the horizon, and UK redundancies rising at record rates, Landlords cannot afford to be complacent.

And with many landlords still facing a bumper double tax bill in January, extra forward planning is prudent.

Tax Tips for Businesses – with Chris Bailey

Tax Tips for Businesses is a series of short videos brought to you by Co-Founder and Group Director of Less Tax 4 Landlords, Chris Bailey to help you legally save tax and understand the tax reliefs and allowances available to you.

Issue #8: Tax Payment Deferral & Business Support  [LT4L News]

Issue #8: Tax Payment Deferral & Business Support [LT4L News]

Hello and welcome to our issue #8 LT4L news.
Businesses across the world right now are being painfully reminded that cashflow is king, and of course, taxes are a critical part of your finances.
This 8th edition of LT4L News looks at help available to businesses and landlords impacted by Coronavirus, with a special feature on deferring your July Tax Payment on Account.

The Impact of the Covid-19 Crisis on Landlords’ Tax Bills

The Impact of the Covid-19 Crisis on Landlords’ Tax Bills

The government are allowing all landlords who made a tax Payment on Account in January 2020 to kick the can down the road, with the option for an interest free deferral for your second 19/20 tax year payment. The payment due by July 31st 2020 can be pushed back until January 31st 2021. This is an especially welcomed move by the government whilst cash-flow is tight, but it does mean landlords may need to plan further into the future than they might normally do.

Covid-19 Update for LT4L Clients

Update 24th March 2020: Following the latest advice all offices are now closed for face to face client consultations and remain open only for essential activities such as the processing of legal documentation. Meetings will continue as video consultations wherever...

Shortlisted for ‘Large Practice of the Year’

Shortlisted for ‘Large Practice of the Year’

Congratulations to Less Tax 4 Landlords' Co-Owners Bailey Group Chartered Accountants who are celebrating after being shortlisted for two awards at the annual IRIS awards ceremony taking place this February. The Bailey Group posted the following announcement on their...