Last week the Prime Minister announced his roadmap out of the lockdown restrictions for England.

It’s fair to say that the majority of people will welcome this plan. Why? Because a plan at least gives us something to reference and work towards, bringing clarity to the goal we are looking to achieve.

Running a professional property business is no different.

The problem that most landlords face, however, is that tax and legislation burdens often cloud the vision of their property business dreams.

For example, the UK Budget that takes place in 2 days time (3rd March) could potentially be another bump in the road for private landlords who may need to react to yet more changes. It could also open up opportunities to grow your property portfolio even further – and you’ll want to be ready!

By becoming as tax efficient as possible and getting professional advice along the way it can really help you focus on what it is you’re trying to achieve.

Read more in this issue about how adopting a protective structure from 6th April 2021 could possibly turn 2022 from being your worst projected year for cashflow into your best year yet.

Also, catch up on the latest Covid19 support video from Chris Bailey, take a sneak peek inside the video vault and much more.


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Was last month your biggest ever payment to HMRC?

For many landlords this will have been the case – but not because they have earned more money.

Instead, this is driven by two crushing factors:

  • Section 24 is pushing up landlord tax bills
  • Delayed 2020 tax payments have become due

Unfortunately, it’s all but too late for tax-payments in 2021, but it’s never too late to become more tax efficient in general.

On this live online seminar, co-founders of Less Tax 4 Landlords Malcolm Rose and Chris Bailey will also show us why doing nothing could see your tax bills rise again in 2022.

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UK Property Tax Changes : A Summary of HMRC Updates

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It’s Too Late for 2021 – How to Make 2022 Your Best Year Yet 

As we mentioned in the introduction, and published in our last edition of LT4L news, there’s still time to improve the position of your property business. 

It’s possible that we can help turn 2022 – a year that is highly likely to be your worst projected year for cashflow, into your best year yet. Read more about this in our blog and pre-recorded video or you can get in touch straight away by taking a free initial assessment. 

Tax Escalator Effect for Landlords

Latest Videos

Take a look back at General Tax Tips and Coronavirus Support from Chris Bailey as well as our Co-Founder and Group Director Malcolm Rose giving an insight into the impact of Section 24 on your property business.


Coronavirus Support & General Tax Tips – Chris Bailey Video

In his latest episode published on 12th January 2021, Chris discusses new business grants, furlough, Government-backed business loans, making tax digital, Capital Gains Tax, IR35 and Brexit

How to Work Out if Your Portfolio is Impacted by Section 24

​You should watch this video if you want to work out the full impact of Section 24 on your property business over time. Using a working example, Malcolm explains the full impact on your finances and in what circumstances you really need to take action.

The Process of Working with LT4L

What can I expect when I complete an assessment?

And what happens after I book in for a business structure consultation?

To help answer these two questions we’ve pulled together videos that will help you understand the process and what is involved in becoming a client and joining the LT4L Client Community.

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