The Award

For the second time in a row, Less Tax 4 Landlords has been awarded ‘Best Accounting & Tax Services 2022’ at the Property Reporter Awards 2022 (sponsored by Roma Finance)

Property Reporter is one of the major property press news sites in the UK, covering all things property, lettings and news on investments.

With over one thousand entries to the awards and some tough competition – we are thrilled to have been recognised in what is a celebration for the entire industry.

The Property Reporter Awards aims to recognise achievements across the entire landscape of the UK property market, from letting agents to lenders, celebrating those who innovate, develop and strive to find new ways to support landlords and other property professionals in an ever-changing and often challenging industry. Less Tax 4 Landlords are delighted to be a part of this.

Head of Group Business Development, Ben Rose, had this to say about the win:-

“Once again we are thrilled to have been nominated and our huge thanks to the nominees for thinking of us.


I do think one of the things that makes us stand out as a business is our consistency in approach, and at our core – even as we grow and improve our offering to landlords – our approach to helping landlords has not changed.


Since Day 1, we have been advising and helping landlords to run their property business as a business, and to put them (and everyone connected to that business) into a strong position to be commercially successful, provide a great service to tenants, and not to be derailed by tax and legislation challenges.


We achieve this by providing specialist advice from multiple professional disciplines, so the client receives rounded and joined-up advice, and they understand – for example – what might make sense from a tax/succession perspective (such as leaving property to trust when you have minor children who can’t get mortgages or to keep assets in the bloodline) could lead to problems from a commercial perspective (higher cost of servicing debts etc).


As a business we currently offer business advisory, accountancy, tax, legal, and financial qualified services.  Providing these under one roof (the One Consultancy Group) allows clients to make informed decisions about their business and personal affairs.


On the back of this, we’re proud to look back and see that at the time of the 2020 award, we had helped landlords (and consequently their tenants) protect more than one billion pounds of UK property. That figure is over two billion pounds today.” 

The Judging Panel

The panel of judges included 16 property experts covering a broad range of disciplines and knowledge, and who have years of experience between them, making them well-placed to select the winners

Prior to the awards it was stated that the winner of this award will have provided evidence of an outstanding year in the property industry, both in terms of volume of work and overall customer service.

We were thrilled to hear what they said about us…

“Less Tax 4 Landlords go the extra mile to make sure they cover all aspects of the client’s business.” 

Whilst we are delighted to receive this award, we are not resting on our laurels, says Ben Rose. We continue to build our team and capability in helping our clients from a holistic perspective, – for example, employing specialists in contentious probate matters to support clients where the executors can’t always agree – so we can offer full regulated probate services to clients.

As well as remaining consistent in our core message and approach to working with landlords, we are always looking to expand and improve upon our services to clients – by delving deeper into the real practical challenges that landlords face across their business.

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