This is an important message to all clients and contacts of Less Tax for Landlords.

We are currently in contact with HMRC regarding the publication of guidance on their website for Hybrid Partnership arrangements, a type of structure that LT4L use with some of our clients.

The implication is that promoters of such structures as defined in the guidance are required to register with HMRC under DOTAS, and we are working to clarify our position to ensure that we remain compliant at all times. 

As a company, we are committed to providing the best possible service and we are doing everything we can to obtain the full picture, at which point we will advise further.

Please note that whilst we undertake this exercise we will not be accepting new appointments to discuss property business restructures, although existing clients can contact us through the usual channels.

What We Do

First and foremost we pride ourselves on providing clients with proper thought out business advice.

This necessitates an all-round service – orchestrating advice and services from a number of professional disciplines.

Central to this service is understanding your commercial needs and objectives, and devising solutions to help you achieve these objectives.

To this end we offer and coordinate the following services under one roof:

– Business Planning

– Tax Consultancy

– Business Succession Planning

– Personal Estate Succession Planning

– Independent Legal Advice provided by OCG Legal

– Financial Advice provided by Phare Financial

– Accountancy provided by OCG Accountants

– Conveyancing provided by OCG Legal

Please note that LT4L provide and/or arrange for these services as part of a comprehensive package to our client community and do not usually offer them in isolation.

This multi-disciplinary approach is fully tailored to help you maximise the value of your business both today and during your lifetime whilst ensuring that you can pass on your hard-earned wealth to those you care about most.

Who we can help

Typically (but not restricted to), landlords who:

    • Own rental property in personal names,
    • are (or would otherwise be) higher or advanced rate tax-payers,
    • are portfolio landlords with 4 or more properties and in excess of £50,000 Gross Rental Income, or have the means, motivation and opportunity to get there and beyond with a protective business structure in place
    • are looking to build, run, and grow a professional property business which is capable of being passed on to future generations.