Join us as we take a look back at our Top 10 most popular blogs, pages and articles of 2020, ranked in order of most unique views on our website.

#1 Form 17 for Landlords – adjusting the split of property income between couples

Whilst most landlords are aware that income can be shared equally by married couples for tax purposes, we receive many phone calls from landlords who are still not aware of the opportunity to make changes to this arrangement.

For help preparing the necessary legal documentation and filing Form 17, contact for a quote.

#2 Signing up to our New Video Vault

We’re not at all surprised that this was our second most visited page in 2020. In the month of July, we launched our new LT4L Video Vault. A place for landlords who are impacted by the tax changes and are still making decisions about their future, to find out more about the options available to them. After subscribing to the vault, you can watch the videos online and at your own convenience. Our Video Vault now has over 149 minutes of tax and business planning.

#3 What is Section 24? Common questions about Mortgage Interest Tax Relief Restrictions

The Section 24 tax changes restrict tax relief for finance costs secured by private landlords on residential properties to the basic rate of Income Tax. The changes were initially announced by George Osborne in the Conservative government’s summer budget of 2015.

April 2020 marked the beginning of the fourth and final year for the staged implementation process of Section 24, and an end to private landlords being able to claim finance costs as a tax-deductible expense.

#5 HMRC set up ‘Secret Unit’ to investigate Family Investment Companies

News of a ‘secret unit’ set up to look at Family Investment Companies (FICs) has been circulating in the national press.

Their focus? “Inheritance tax implications.”

How will this impact advice given by Tax Advisors?

#6 Out of the frying pan into the fire 

Since the introduction of the 3% Stamp Duty (SDLT) uplift and George Osborne’s now infamous S24 landlord tax, landlords have certainly been feeling the heat.

Many landlords have incorporated their business. Most landlords we work with have better options.

#7 Building a Business to Last Generations 

In 2018 we met successful landlord Mr W.

Facing Section 24, he felt he had no choice but to sell up. After reviewing his options with us, he later instead decided to double down on his property business and protect it for the next generation.

#8 The Impact of the Covid-19 Crisis on Landlords’ tax Bills

The government are allowing all landlords who made a Tax Payment on Account in January 2020 to kick the can down the road, with the option for an interest-free deferral for your second 19/20 tax year payment. The payment due by July 31st 2020 can be pushed back until January 31st 2021. This is an especially welcomed move by the government whilst cash-flow is tight, but it does mean landlords may need to plan further into the future than they might normally do.

#9 Announcing New Group Managing Director, New Regulated Services, and a Heartfelt Thank You to Co-Founder Tony Gimple

Today, Less Tax 4 Landlords and the Less Is More Property Business Group announced via 3 Press Releases important developments for the business and the LT4L Client Community in 2020. New Group Structure & Additional Regulated Services.

#10 Tax Truths Q&A -Tracey Hanbury interviews LT4L Co-Founder Chris Bailey [Video + Transcript]

On 3rd November 2020 Chris Bailey, Chartered Accountant, and a long-time landlord himself was invited to be interviewed by Tracey Hanbury of Landlord Investment Show on a live webinar as part of their Nationwide Online Super-Show.

Chris and Tracey comment on some of the information (and misinformation) in the marketplace and discuss in particular HMRC and Hybrid Business Structures.