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Less Tax 4 Landlords Online Seminar for Portfolio Landlords

April 23rd, 2020 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


In light of current events relating to Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) this event will now take place online but will include all the same content and the opportunity to ask questions to the experts.

This online seminar is for portfolio landlords (4+ properties) and successful property investors brought to you by Less Tax 4 Landlords.

This private online seminar is an opportunity for portfolio landlords who are not yet working with Less Tax 4 Landlords (and where we believe we can help) to find out more about hybrid business models, how we work and what we do.

About the Event

Being a portfolio landlord is not the easiest thing in the world (tenants and toilets are a tough gig), and what with Section 24, the BTL mortgage changes reducing your profits and now the COVID 19 pandemic causing even greater pain to cashflow, it really is getting harder to build, grow, and run a professional property business.

That’s why we’re putting on an event exclusively for business-minded portfolio landlords just like you, i.e. those that we believe are in a great position to capitalise on both their own hard work and our unique expertise.

By the time of this event, you will have undertaken an initial assessment with us and either booked or sat an initial consultation with a Less Tax 4 Landlords consultant.

For whatever reason, you’ve not yet finalised what to do next with your property business, and that could be just a matter of timing (landlords are some of the busiest people we know); alternatively, you might be worried for example that hybrid business structures are just too good to be true, or that BTL mortgage lenders don’t like them.

Worse still, some landlords are still being told that incorporation is the only option, even though they’ll be subject to up to seven different layers of taxation and HMRC are no longer prepared to pre-clear S162 incorporation relief!

You should be aware that there’s no easy way back from incorporation, and if HMRC refuse to grant relief from Stamp Duty and CGT, you’ll be faced with a massive and possibly un-affordable/un-fundable tax bill.

The planned agenda runs as follows:

Part One – A general overview of the property market and the impact COVID 19 is having on property businesses, a look at business structures, threats and opportunities, and an introduction to the Hybrid Structure

Two of our Founding Directors (Malcolm Rose & Chris Bailey) will look at what’s happening in the market and the impact COVID 19 is having on property businesses. They’ll also look at the high level advantages of Hybrid Structures, as well as answering some objections and debunking myths making the rounds.

Part Two – Running a Professional Property Business 

In this session, Malcolm will look at why business always comes before tax. He will demonstrate via a couple of detailed examples how when combined with an effective business plan, the Hybrid Business Model is the best route to achieve your personal and business goals.

Part Three -The Hybrid Business Structure

In this session, chartered accountant, landlord and commercial and property accountancy specialist Chris Bailey will be looking specifically at why the Hybrid business structure is the best option for portfolio landlords looking to maximise the commercial benefits of building, running, and growing a recognised professional property business.

This will primarily be a case study driven session, with plenty of time to ask questions.

Part Four – Extended Q&A & Networking

By this point, we hope to have answered all your burning questions regarding the hybrid business structure but if not there will be time to ask them here and we also hope to have clients join us at this point.

 A chance to proceed to the next stage in the process as appropriate

After the formal close of the seminar, if you’d like to progress to the next stage with us we will have details of how you can do so.

Please register your interest by emailing us at events@lesstaxforlandlords.co.uk


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