Helping Landlords Build, Run & Grow Professional Property Businesses

What We DoFree Portfolio Assessment

Helping Landlords Build, Run & Grow Professional Property Businesses

What We DoFree Portfolio Assessment

Do you see yourself as an ‘accidental landlord’, ‘property investor’ or ‘business owner’?

Is your property portfolio structured appropriately?

Less Tax 4 Landlords is a specialist multi-disciplinary consultancy that helps property investors and portfolio landlords maximise the commercial benefits of building, running, and growing a recognised professional property business.

If you have an existing portfolio of properties, then please take our assessment to see if we can help you benefit from running a recognised property business.

Watch a replay of our most recent webinar, where we cover Mixed Partnerships, common misconceptions in the market and much more.

This webinar will be beneficial to you if:

-You own rental property in your own name(s) and are paying higher rates of tax on property income

-You are forecasting a Section 24 tax problem either now or in the near future

-You simply want to understand more about the options available to professional landlords and successful property investors

Webinar Replay

What We Do

First and foremost we pride ourselves on providing clients with proper thought out business advice.

This necessitates an all-round service – which includes business consultancy, legal advice, financial advice and tax advice.

Central to this service is understanding your commercial needs and objectives, and devising solutions to help you achieve these objectives.

To this end we house the following services under one roof:

– Business Planning

– Tax Consultancy

– Business Succession Planning

– Personal Estate Succession Planning

– Legal Advice

– Financial Advice

– Accountancy

– Conveyancing

Please note that LT4L provide these services as part of a comprehensive package to our client community and do not usually offer them in isolation.

This multi-disciplinary approach is a unique service (in so far as we are aware) to the PRS, fully tailored to help you maximise the value of your business both today and during your lifetime whilst ensuring that you can pass on your hard-earned wealth to those you care about most.

“I’ve been working with Less Tax 4 Landlords for two and a half years and they’ve helped me at every stage. I’ve now got a real viable business that’s got plenty of potential for growth without the fear of getting overtaxed. LT4L certainly keep you up to date with every aspect of tax. If you’re running a business you have to take everything that comes at you and Less Tax 4 Landlords help you become stronger.”
Richard Tiltman

Business Owner

“If you’re an existing landlord and you have properties in your own name, how do you sort out the most effective way to manage your portfolio without having to sell it?  Less Tax 4 Landlords  were a godsend and they helped me set up the structure that I needed to carry on”
Jim Haliburton

Landlord & Property Expert, HMO Daddy

Who we can help

Typically (but not restricted to), landlords who:

    • Own rental property in personal names,
    • are (or would otherwise be) higher or advanced rate tax-payers,
    • are portfolio landlords with 4 or more properties and in excess of £50,000 Gross Rental Income, or have the means, motivation and opportunity to get there and beyond with a protective business structure in place
    • are looking to build, run, and grow a professional property business which is capable of being passed on intact to future generations.

By Taking Professional Advice You Could Enjoy:

  • No need to remortgage or change title (thus no CGT or Stamp Duty)
  • A lender-friendly business structure suited to your needs
  • Seamless succession planning and protection from marital break-up

Plus, depending on your business requirements;

  • Full relief for finance & mortgage costs (Section 24 Tax Changes)
  • Reduced Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on Portfolio Reinvestment
  • Inheritance Tax typically mitigated within 2 years of trading
  • Maximum Tax Rate of 20% payable on your property income

We work with landlords looking to build professional businesses and in fact, by working with us over the long term, and providing it fits with your goals and aspirations, we would expect you to significantly increase your business profits.

The result? More money in your pocket, and more tax paid – not less!

How to join the LT4L Client Community

Initial Assessment (Day 1) [NO FEE]

You can begin an initial assessment with us by completing our online form, calling the office on 0203 735 2940 or meeting with us at one of our public events.

One of our dedicated telephone-based team will then conduct a preliminary assessment to help you work out whether you need or will benefit from our help.

Consultation (4 weeks from Day 1) [NO FEE]

When we both believe there is a good chance that we can help, you will be invited to an initial consultation free of charge at our London offices.

You will also have a scheduled call with your consultant prior to the meeting in advance of which we will require some documentation from you in order to ensure that both parties can gain maximum value from the consultation.

This includes your last 2 years tax returns and a property portfolio statement.

Our consultants will undertake hours of detailed assessment of an individual’s position and for this reason we typically schedule these meetings 4 to 6 weeks in advance.

Most landlords will be in a position following this meeting to make an immediate decision on whether or not to proceed to the next stage.

Meet The Team (6 weeks from Day 1)

If we all agree that we should work together for the long term, and that you will get a return on your initial investment (our total professional fees) within an agreed timeframe, then we’ll invite you to Meet the Team for a 90-minute fixed fee engagement and advice session with the senior advisory board.

Tax Effective (8 weeks from Day 1)

If we’re both satisfied that you have sufficient understanding, and all parties are happy to go ahead, then we’ll agree a fully tax deductible fixed fee based upon what we have to do to make any new visible business structure operational and effective.

Ongoing Support for the Lifetime of Your Business

Once on board, as well as having your affairs arranged to best effect, you will also benefit from ongoing support and advice for any further changes to your portfolio.

In addition, twice a year you will meet with one of our business planning consultants to help ensure your business remains in line with your stated business goals and objectives.

As a client you will be welcomed into the LT4L Client Community and receive invitations to our highly popular Annual Client Community BBQ, as well as regular private events.

Find out if you could benefit from working with us