Join us as we take a look back at our Top 5 most popular posts of 2019, ranked in order of most unique views.

#5 Out of the frying pan and into the Fire? (an article on incorporation for landlords)

Since the introduction of the 3% Stamp Duty (SDLT) uplift and George Osborne’s now infamous S24 landlord tax, landlords have certainly been feeling the heat.

Many landlords have incorporated their business. Most landlords we work with have better options.

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#4 The Impact of Section 24 on Cashflow: Are Landlords Heading for a Cashflow Crisis?

Payments on account visualisation

April 2020 marks the beginning of the fourth and final year for the staged implementation process of Section 24, and an end to private landlords being able to claim finance costs as a tax-deductible expense.

At the time of writing just the first tax increase has been paid, and with a further 3 increases still to filter through (starting on the 31st January 2020), it’s fair to say that the worst is yet to come.

Have you analysed your own position? Our article on Section 24 and cashflow gives 3 examples plus a recap on how tax payments on account work.

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#3 Form 17 for Landlords – adjusting the split of property income between couples

Whilst most landlords are aware that income can be shared equally by married couples for tax purposes, we receive many phone calls at Less Tax 4 Landlords from landlords who are not aware of the possibility to make changes to this arrangement.

Form 17 is not something we offer stand-alone advice for, though you can read more about how to go about it yourself in this short post.

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#2 Case Study: Building a business to last generations

In 2018 we met successful landlord Mr W.

Facing Section 24, he felt he had no choice but to sell up. After reviewing his options with us, he later instead decided to double down on his property business and protect it for the next generation.

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#1 Landlords, what happens when you die?

If you die with investment properties, up to 40% of the equity will be paid in tax. Our most viewed post of the year is short and to the point, asking does it matter what happens to your business when you die?

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Not enough landlord and property talk for you? Want to see the Top 10?

Here’s 5 more posts which complete our Top 10 for 2019.


#6 Will the next 2 years see the death of the accidental landlord?

BTL still remains attractive for landlords to keep on buying, but only if they’re prepared to treat it like any other business.

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#7 “We choose to do the hard things”

Recapping the recent policy changes, LT4L Founding Director Tony Gimple gives his views on how the PRS and Government could instead work together to address the big issues in UK society.

“rather than demonising an entire sector and using the blunt instrument of taxation for the sake of vote winning political expediency, far better that we widen the discussion and start to work together in order to address the big issues in UK society.”

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#8 Are Landlords being unfairly targeted by the Government?

The contribution by the PRS has gone unrecognised: instead, landlords have been made convenient scapegoats for a housing crisis primarily caused by land-use planning restrictions.

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#9 The First-Ever Portfolio Landlord Week 2019

Less Tax 4 Landlords and throw a spotlight on Portfolio Landlords and in particular look at why there is a widening gap between small landlords (fewer than 3 properties) and portfolio landlords (4 or more properties) in many areas including tax, finance, and mindset.

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#10 LT4L co-owners The Bailey Group win Accountancy Firm of the Year (51-200 Employees)

Congratulations once again to The Bailey Group for picking up another award!


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