Today, Less Tax 4 Landlords and the Less Is More Property Business Group announced via 3 Press Releases important developments for the business and the LT4L Client Community in 2020.

New Group Structure & Additional Regulated Services

The first announcement is the addition of new companies to the group starting with the incorporation of ONE CONSULTANCY GROUP LTD.Companies

Likewise, we’re pleased to announce the acquisition in 2019 by the group of SRA regulated legal firm; Accountancy & Legal Solutions UK, and the setup of an FCA regulated financial services business; Phare Financial Services.

These changes will enable the Less Tax 4 Landlords client community to benefit from both SRA & FCA regulated services provided in-house.  Such new services will vary from highly competitive fixed-fee offerings such as conveyancing, to a full inhouse mortgage advice capability, in addition to regulated financial advice and lifetime trust planning.

 “When was the last time your business consultant, lawyer, accountant, financial planner, broker and tax advisor all got together to discuss your business?


Getting joined up advice in many professions remains a challenge today for both businesses and consumers, – despite the internet age. Our aim has always been to expand the services that we offer our Clients and the community feedback from our Clients asking for this confirms we are on the right track. These changes add additional services, but by bringing the fulfilment functions in-house we will also create a much tighter holistic view right across the Group.”
Malcolm Rose, co-founder & Group Director of Less Tax 4 Landlords

Advanced notice of these changes has already been communicated to clients in writing as well as over various events including the recent Client Only Networking event. We look forward to making further announcements as new services come online in good time.

In order to facilitate these improvements, ONE CONSULTANCY GROUP LTD will become the ultimate holding company for LESS TAX FOR LANDLORDS LIMITED and the ‘Less Is More Property Business Group’ group of companies.

Its owners are original corporate shareholders of Less Tax 4 Landlords; CHRISTOPHER BAILEY TAX CONSULTANTS LIMITED and THE KEY 2 GROWTH LTD, as well as Co-Founders Chris Bailey, Tony Gimple, Malcolm Rose and senior members of the One Consultancy Group operational board.

These changes to the business will result in further improvements to the services we can offer you in 2020 and beyond, as well as some changes to the fulfilment companies for certain aspects of the work we carry out on your behalf. You will be informed in advance of these changes and provided with an updated term of business in good time.

Less Tax 4 Landlords Co-Founder retires as a Director

Tony GimpleAs a professional advisory firm, one of the questions the Founding Directors are asked most often is; “As none of you are getting any younger, what happens when the Directors retire?”. A good question, especially given that Chris turned 53, Malcolm turned 59 and Tony turned 60 last year!

In which regard, now that the big-picture is well underway and so that he can concentrate on developing the strategic opportunities for the PRS as a whole, and, in particular, rekindle his own property development business, Tony Gimple, the firm’s co-founder and the initial driving force behind getting the organisation off the ground, has decided to retire as a Director of the business effective January 1st, 2020.

Tony has served in his current role since the incorporation of the business in December 2015 and during his tenure as Founding Director, Tony played a critical role in establishing the vision for the business and raising the profile of the Less Tax 4 Landlords brand and service offering. In the process, he served as a champion for building new partnerships within the PRS and contributed significantly to establishing the business as a market leader in landlord tax & business consultancy for portfolio landlords.

That’s not to say you’ve seen or heard the last of Tony who retains an interest in the business and alongside his work supporting the Private Rental Sector (PRS) as a whole, will continue to promote Less Tax 4 Landlords, the Less is More Property Business Group and the newly established One Consultancy Group.

 “It’s been four years since we began our journey together as Less Tax 4 Landlords and since then we’ve seen more changes in the way the PRS is perceived, taxed and regulated than ever before. The Sector now accounts for some 4.5m households and is the second biggest tenure of choice after home ownership.  Having turned 60 last summer, it was about time that I took my own advice, hence my decision to retire from the day-to-day to concentrate my efforts on keeping the business at the heart of things as recognised industry experts.”
Tony Gimple, co-founder of Less Tax 4 Landlords

“When working with clients we always stress the importance of having that end goal and vision in mind, not just for themselves but also for their business, supported by effective succession planning. It’s a great

testament to the success we have had as a business that the group are in a position for Tony to retire as a director and that he can in turn achieve his goal of passing his remaining operational responsibilities to the new generation. On behalf of both myself and fellow co-founder and Group Director Malcolm Rose, those that have been with us since day one and those that have joined us along the way; we’d like to say a heart-felt thank you to Tony for his efforts in driving the business forwards since the early days and in advance for the support he will no doubt continue to give.”
Chris Bailey, co-founder & Group Director of Less Tax 4 Landlords

Appointment of New Group Managing Director

Nigel HallAs announced in our third press release, and in the continued pursuit of our ‘One Consultancy’ vision, we’re delighted to confirm that Nigel Hall has been appointed as Group Managing Director and will join Malcolm and Chris on the main board.

An experienced Managing Director, with time spent leading companies in the financial services industry and a background in senior roles regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), Nigel has been with us for over two years already as Head of Business Planning, and is very much looking forward to driving the business to new heights in 2020 and beyond.

 ‘I am pleased to be given the responsibility for driving the new ‘one consultancy’ business that we have created, Less Tax 4 Landlords  has  always offered a holistic approach to serving clients’ needs and that has been reinforced by the setting up of a regulated financial services company and acquisition of an SRA-regulated legal practice. The most important focus now is to make sure the group strives to provide the best service possible to current and future clients. I am very grateful to have a wonderful and supportive team, and together we will put all our energy into making sure we remain the best option  for clients.’

Nigel Hall, Group Managing Director

‘With a name like Less Tax 4 Landlords, it is not surprising that people come to us to save a bit of tax,’ says Malcolm Rose, co-founder  and Group Director. ‘The real benefits, of course, are that we help people with their whole-life planning and optimising the profits they can make from their property business, not to mention the ability for the business to survive the parents’  death, all in a tax-efficient manner, so it is a natural extension to appoint our Head of Business Planning to Group MD. We are delighted to add Nigel to the senior board.’
Malcolm Rose, co-founder & Group Director of Less Tax 4 Landlords

It’s no surprise then that as we progress our development from a ‘start-up’ to a more mature organisation, the One Consultancy Group has appointed all members of the Less Is More Property Business Group senior management team to the Operational Board for the One Consultancy Group which also includes directors of the new companies. With a raised profile, the members of the group operational board are responsible for the day-to-day management of the business; and just like Chris, Malcolm and Tony, many have put considerable ‘skin in the game’ in return for being rewarded by the future growth of the group.

You can find out more about the team on our updated About Us page.

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