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Portfolio Landlord?

If you’re a portfolio landlord with properties in personal names and a higher or advanced rate tax payer, then you are almost certainly paying more tax than necessary on your property income. To find out more, we offer a free initial assessment for Video Vault subscribers which you can access at

Portfolio Landlord?

Property Question Time Special – Tony Gimple, Paul Mahoney and James Jenkins

The team that started Less Tax 4 Landlords

Less Tax 4 Landlords Client: Paul Thomason

In this episode the property experts discuss buyers mortgage rejection, taking over property,adding properties to personal pension, insurance upon death and mortgage protection.

Meet Tony Gimple, Chris Bailey, and Malcolm Rose, the Founding Directors of Less Tax 4 Landlords. Hear how LT4L came about as a business, and listen to two of their early clients talking about their experiences to date and how the service has developed since they came on board.

“I have recommended Less Tax for Landlords and I would like to encourage other people to come to them”