Selected videos from LT4L News Issue #15 March 2023

LT4L Webinar Extract (03 Minutes 54 Seconds)

How our Core Services work within the One Consultancy Group

In this video, Malcolm talks about the ongoing Core Services provided to LT4L Package Clients – Accountancy, Tax Advice and Client and Legal Administration. He also takes a look at the wider services the company offers as part of the One Consultancy Group such as Conveyancing, Mortgages, Legal services and more.

LT4L Webinar Extract (2 Minutes 31 Seconds)

Upcoming Tax Changes

In this video, Ben Rose, Head of Group development looks at the upcoming tax changes which include the new rate of Corporation Tax from April 2023. He also covers the increase in Dividend Tax from April 2022 and the impact it will have on LTD companies.

LT4L Webinar Extract (2 Minutes 16 Seconds)

Section 24 & Rising Mortgage Rates – Part 1

In part 1, Ben gives a brief overview of Section 24, looking at the Tax Escalator Effect and the impact it will have on landlords tax payments in January 2022.

LT4L Webinar Extract (07 Minutes 44 Seconds)

Section 24 & Rising Mortgage Rates – Part 2

What is the most profitable restructure? In part 2, Ben takes a closer look at mortgage rates and the options Landlords have to restructure their businesses in order to put themselves in a better tax position.

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