Thank You for filling out the DoT & Form 17 Quotation Request Form

One of our team will contact you via email as soon as possible and within no more than 2 working days. They will request by email from you any further information we need, and provide a quote for your circumstances. 

Please note that due to the current volume of requests we are not currently offering free telephone consultations for Form 17 and DoT matters. All initial correspondence will be by email unless your situation is particularly complex, in which case we will arrange a call with you.

Please also note that the £300 fee per property does not include professional tax advice or remortgage conveyancing, and only includes the necessary legal work to produce a deed of trust and file Form 17 on your behalf.

If additional services are required, we will discuss this with you directly.

Property Question Time Special – Tony Gimple, Paul Mahoney and James Jenkins

The team behind Less Tax 4 Landlords

Less Tax 4 Landlords Client: Paul Thomason

In this episode the property experts discuss buyers mortgage rejection, taking over property,adding properties to personal pension, insurance upon death and mortgage protection.

Meet Tony Gimple, Chris Bailey, and Malcolm Rose, the Founding Directors of Less Tax 4 Landlords. Hear how LT4L came about as a business, and listen to two of their early clients talking about their experiences to date and how the service has developed since they came on board.

“I have recommended Less Tax for Landlords and I would like to encourage other people to come to them”