Login to your business tax account https://www.access.service.gov.uk/login/signin/creds

Select business tax account

select business tax account

Click on Manage account

select manage account

Under Accountants and tax-agents access, click on Add, view or change tax agents

accountants and tax agent access

Click on the service you wish to add your accountant to – click “view or change accountant.”

It will then take you to this screen:

authorise agent

Click on “authorise an agent” under Agent details.

Enter in your accountant’s agent ID

Our agent ID is 41N9EWSMH5EX-PHE3J7TC4XCG

Tick the box to confirm and then click next. Save this receipt as confirmation and keep for your records.

Let us know by emailing clientaccounts@lesstaxforlandlords.co.uk so we can update things our end and ensure you are on our portal.

It will then take a couple of days for you to be linked to our OCG Accountants portal.