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Malcolm, Chris, Nigel and other experts from LT4L provided updates to our clients on the business as well as other insights into Tax, Mortgage advice and more.

You can read the full list of questions asked and answered during the event below, as well as find details on how to watch the excerpts in our client vault.

  1. If I have a trust in my Will does it continue indefinitely?
  2. Can my beneficiaries also be trustees in my Will?
  3. What’s the date for the Taj?
  4. If we travel to London for a tax interview can we set against tax?
  5. how long do we need to wait for selling a property?
  6. Does the cap allowance at 130% apply to twin cab pickups like the ford ranger
  7. As the market is switching away from traditional estate agents to Auction houses how can LT4L support us to secure mortgages within Auction house timeframes?
  8. Incorporated on the new structure only in Jan 2021. I was wondering if there was a way to utilise the Cycle to work scheme? As previously sole trader self/emp it was not available?
  9. If there is no GGT to pay while the LLP is operating, what happens if our kids inherit our business and they do not wish to keep it going. You have said that the LLP must not be closed down. Please explain
  10. Will QuickBooks be offered out soon? Accounts are starting to be prepared and I’m sure there are lots of different formats so if QuickBooks is the preferred option then it would be good to have as soon as possible, please.
  11. “super-deduction providing allowances of 130% on most new plant and machinery investments” Does this mean that if you purchase a twin cab pickup for instance for £50K, that you then receive £65K tax relief?
  12. I am looking forward to hearing what happens to our mortgages when we die and the business is passed onto our grown-up kids?
  13. Please can we have a webinar on using the software that we need for when tax is made digital?
  14. Is the 10 BTL property limit (imposed by many lenders) applied to the Hybrid Structure LLP as a whole or each member of the LLP?
  15. What’s happening with Hammock?
  16. What happens if husband and wife have joint mortgages and one dies?
  17. Is the event family-friendly? Can children come to the Taj or just adults?
  18. How will 2023 corporation tax changes impact us? will they happen?
  19. What do I need to do if a severance form has not yet been filed on one of my properties?
  20. Do you also deal with pre-auction legal packs and commercial properties too?
  21. Is there any integration of landlord system e.g. Landlord to Bailey group systems?

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