Is Your Property Portfolio Structured Correctly?

LT4L helps Landlords structure their property business to maximise wealth for today and tomorrow.

Helping Landlords Protect and Grow their Wealth

Less Tax For Landlords is a specialist tax and estate planning service dedicated to the needs of those who are involved in owning commercial property, residential buy-to-lets, HMOs, investment property, or property development.  Powered by The Bailey Group (, Planned Succession (, and the Key2Growth (

Our goal is to help you build and run a highly tax efficient professional property business, and to pass on your hard-earned wealth to those you care about most, minimising tax leakage insofar as the law allows, and all whilst keeping  you in full control of your affairs today.

Act now to protect your future interests and make sure you pass on your hard earned wealth intact to those you love.

We’re different from most firms in the sector; in that we combine tax consultancy, accounting, personal estate & business succession planning, business planning & mentoring, and, at arm’s length, independent financial advice, to provide you with joined up proactive thinking for which we almost always charge a fixed fee.  Most importantly, we don’t assume that a potential client has sufficient knowledge to be aware of all of the issues or possibilities, so we’re educators and mentors as much as advisers.

There’s no charge for our initial conversations and detailed high-level follow up that helps you to decide what to do next.  Unlike the majority of other firms in the sector, 100% of our clients are property owners, and the Bailey Group (our chartered accountants) have been successfully working with landlords for more than eight years.  Both HMRC and our insurers have reviewed our work and are happy that it conforms to all the relevant rules and, most importantly of all, that it doesn’t break any.

Latest Tax Planning Advice

6 Steps to Reduce Inheritance Tax

This week it was revealed that during the year to February, George and his friends at the Treasury collected £4.6billion in mostly avoidable inheritance tax(IHT)! Worse still, according to the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR), this year some 40,000 families will...

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Budget debrief for Landlords

Overall, the March 2016 Budget was a bit of a let-down; there were no major changes other than to exclude residential landlords from the rather generous cut to CGT, and easing the Stamp Duty burden for those who buy commercial property. In summary: -   Stamp Duty...

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Less Tax for Landlords on the TV

Property Inheritance and Tax law

What happens if you suddenly and surprisingly inherit a portfolio of properties?

How do you manage this without preparing for it?

Tony Gimple, Estate Planning expert from Less Tax For Landlords, explains what to do in an interview on Property Panarama Sky Channel Property Tv.

Succession Planning

Tony is interviewed at the Landlord Investment Show on how specialist law firm Planned Succession can help ensure that you pass your hard earned wealth onto those you love.

Tony Gimple and Planned Succession are founding members of Less Tax For Landlords.

Specifically, Planned Succession provide Wills, Business, and Estate Planning advice and delivery to landlords under the Less Tax For Landlords brand.

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