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Less Tax for Landlords is a specialist multi-disciplinary consultancy that helps portfolio landlords maximise the commercial benefits of building, running, and growing a recognised professional property business.

We only work with those who are involved in owning or developing buy-to-lets, HMOs, or commercial property.

If you have an existing portfolio of properties, then please take our assessment to see if we can help you benefit financially from running a recognised property business.

Less Tax for Landlords on the TV

Property TV Property Question Time S1 Ep130 – Stephen Galphin, Garrett O’Hanlon and Tony Gimple


Tony Gimple answers questions about what to do with three buy-to-let properties after the owner returns to the UK after living abroad. He also talks about claiming tax relief on built in white goods.

Questions in this episode include:

  • I’ve recently returned to the UK to work after 8 years of living abroad. We have three Buy To Let properties with no mortgages. I’m a higher rate tax payer. What are my options with regards to the properties? 
  • Can you claim tax relief for built in white goods on both furnished and unfurnished rentals?

Property TV Property Question Time S1 Ep129 – Tony Gimple, Stephen Galphin and Paul Mahoney


In this property question time video, Tony Gimple discusses the Prudential Regulation Authority guidelines and the difficulties of releasing money from equity.

Questions in this episode include:

  • What else can we do to get around the difficulty of releasing money from equity (due to the PRA guidelines)?
  • Is government policy trying to drive out accidental landlords?
  • Tony’s golden nugget. Decide what you want before you act. Do you want income or growth? Is it for your own lifetime or beyond?

Property TV Property Question Time S1 Ep128 – Stephen Galphin, Tony Gimple and Garrett O’Hanlon


Appearing on Property TV, Tony Gimple discusses tax returns on rental properties and talks about details of adding a married partner as a tenant in common.

Questions in this episode include:

  • I have a Buy To Let mortgage in my own name and I am a higher rate tax payer.  I’m wondering what options I have, specifically about tenants in common with my husband?
  • Self assessment tax returns on rental properties are very complex.  Are the costs of getting a property ready for renting tax deductible allowances?  



Property TV: Money & Finance Special Ep 3


From the London Stock Exchange studios Tony and the panel debate issues relating to properties and finance. Tony talks about the risks of tax avoidance within the property industry.

Questions in this episode include:

  • Building specifically to rent – is this a good idea?
  • Tax avoidance in the property industry. Do loopholes exist?
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks to off plan purchases for developers and purchasers?
  • Longer term tenancies and potential tax breaks for landlords


Property TV: Money & Finance Special Ep 2


In this televised debate discussing property and finance, the panel of experts talk about legislation against rogue landlords, how property investments can go wrong and whether crowdfunding is right for property investors.

Also discussed in this episode:

  • How big a role does each generation have in shaping the world of the property industry?
  • What can you give in the form of gifts from income and capital from a tax perspective?
  • Property crowdfunding. Is it here to stay?
  • What are the rules on eradicating rogue landlords?



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