Property TV Question Time Ep 161 – Tony Gimple, Stephen Galpin and John Howard


Learn about working with councils, and the best way to own a property portfolio in this interview with Tony Gimple (Less Tax 4 Landlords) Stephen Galpin (London Property Consultant) and John Howard (Property Developer)

Questions in this episode include:

  • I’ve looked into working with local councils to diversify my tenant profile but calculate my profits would fall. What are the advantages of doing this? 
  • I have 6 buy-to-lets and have given up my day job. Whilst I am currently a basic rate taxpayer, I’m expecting this to change soon. Am I better off keeping these under my own name or selling them to a limited company?


Property TV – Property Question Time S1 EP 142 – Tony Gimple, Paul Mahoney and Joanna Leggett


Tony Gimple (Founding Director of Less Tax 4 Landlords) is interviewed in this Property Question Time Episode 142 and is joined by Paul Mahoney (Nova Financial) and Joanna Leggett (Leggett Immobilier)

Questions in this episode include:

  • I’ve been providing long term housing for over 100 families for the last 20 years and my current accountant has worked out that by the time I get to 2021, section 24 will mean I pay more tax than I make in profit which seems absurd. If this is true I will have to sell up. Who will rehouse all of the families and what if I was sued for breaching my AST’s? What do I do?
  • I’m thinking about giving each of my children one of my buy-to-let properties as a way of getting around inheritance tax.  If I do that though will I have to pay capital gains tax and as all of my properties are mortgaged, do I have to let the lenders know?


Property TV Property Question Time S1 EP 146 – Tony Gimple, Paul Mahoney and Simon Zutshi.


Here in this Property Question Time, Tony Gimple (Less Tax 4 Landlords)  answers questions about section 24, paying 50% of next years tax bill and holding property in a limited company. He’s also joined by Paul Mahoney (Nova Financial) and Simon Zutshi (author of Property Magic and founder of the Property Investor Network)

Questions in this episode include:


  • When is it right to buy and hold buy-to-let property in a limited company?
  • My accountant has just told me that my tax bill is going to increase in January and that I’m going to have to pay 50% of next year’s tax bill which is also increasing in advance. What can I do?

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