On the 4th October 2019 at the Property Investor Show, Less Tax 4 Landlords founding director Tony Gimple was joined by Richard Blanco (London Representative,The National Landlords Association), David Cox (ARLA), David Smith (Policy Director, RLA) with the debate hosted by Kate Faulker (BBC TV & Radio personality and Managing Director of Property Checklists).  Together they discussed the state of the property market. View on You Tube here.

Each panellist gave their thoughts on the key topics that investors and landlords should consider. Some discussed macro and micro economics, including the impact of Brexit on the property market, whilst others talked about issues such as the abolition of Section 21. There was even a discussion on the pros and cons of Rent to Rent.

The panellists also expressed the view that, given somewhat subdued demand as a consequence of anxiety about Brexit when (and if!) it eventually happens, pent-up demand is building. And, with supply levels in many parts of the UK being so low, this was likely to lead to a market ‘bounce’ in the future for a brief period, although probably not in the longer term.

On tax, Tony Gimple pointed out that 58% of landlords had reported their 2017-8 tax bill was higher than the previous year as a result of S24, with only one in eight consulting a specialist tax adviser for help. It was agreed by all that this was the one area that landlords and investors seek specialist advice as it’s important to get help before future tax changes come into effect.