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For most Portfolio Landlords who are or intend to become higher rate tax-payers, accounting for tax on property profits in personal names is now no longer an option.

Restrictions on mortgage relief mean the most common strategy for property investment is being rethought.

For those impacted, 2021 could be a very good year to restructure your business.

Doing so could even make 2022 a year of bare minimal tax payments, giving cash-strapped landlords a much-needed cashflow boost.

On the call with us, Chris – a Chartered Accountant and landlord – will focus on one of the four main business options for landlords in the PRS: Mixed Partnerships.

An alternative to selling your property to your own limited company, we’ll see how they work, who they are for (and not for), and why it could be the best option for your business.

Malcolm will also pick up on some of the misconceptions in the market that might be holding landlords back from making vital decisions for their future.

After the presentation, our Group Managing Director Nigel Hall will put your questions to Chris & Malcolm.

This webinar will be beneficial to you if:

  • You own rental property in your own name(s) and are paying higher rates of tax on property income
  • You are forecasting a Section 24 tax problem either now or in the near future
  • You simply want to understand more about the options available to professional landlords and successful property investors
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