Date:  16th April 2019

Event type: Womens only
Time:  6.30pm – 9.30pm
Address: Doubletree Hilton Victoria, 2 Bridge Place, London, SW1V 1QA
Price: £20 



Guest speaker at the event – Tony Gimple (Founding Director, Less Tax 4 Landlords)

How you own and run your property business will directly affect how much tax you – and eventually your heirs – will have to pay, thus reducing your ability to borrow and grow. But simply being motivated by paying less tax is not the answer.

In this hard-hitting presentation that separates the myths from the facts, Tony Gimple will talk about the different structures through which you can own rental property – and what maximising the commercial benefits of building, running, and growing a recognised professional property business really means to you and your family.

Tony will specifically help you understand:

• What S24 (the so-called tenant tax) will cost you in real terms
• How the new mortgage lending rules for portfolio landlords significantly reduces the amount you can borrow
• What more you can achieve by running a recognised professional property business

The tax and mortgage changes are here to stay, and whilst time is rapidly running out to successfully counter the onslaught, now is the time to stop being an accidental landlord who lets the tax tail wag the planning dog.

Come to the seminar to learn more and see if we can help.