Please note this event is only for clients of Less Tax 4 Landlords, if you are following an invitation from Nova Financial – please head over to the following link:

If you are unsure, please contact Ben Rose at

Client-Only Event

Join us for our second Client-Only event of the year.

Whilst it is being held at the same venue, we have made a number of changes.

Firstly, we’ve taken on your feedback from the last event and have gone back to the entire 1st floor at Browns. This will ensure a private room for client only networking should landlords begin to show up for the evening event early.

We are also only inviting portfolio landlords to the evening event this year (those with 4 or more properties). In addition our guest speakers, John Harrison of Metro Bank and Paul Mahoney of Nova Financial will be covering different content in the evening event to that in the Client-Only session.

Lastly, we’ve added time for Break-Out Hot Seat and Mastermind sessions. Kim will be in touch in advance of the night to get your topics, and find out if you fancy that hot seat!

Whilst this is likely to be our last event of the year, we are expecting to hold three Client events next year, and will announce the proposed dates on the night.

Working Agenda

4pm – Meet and greet, plus introductions to Paul Mahoney of Nova Financial and John Harrison at Metro Bank.

4:15 – LLP Bank Accounts

4:30 – LT4L Professional Update plus remarks on the Chancellor’s Budget announced earlier in the day.

5:00 – Hot Seat and Mastermind Break-Out Sessions

Depending on the numbers, we will run a number of concurrent and facilitated hot seat and/or mastermind sessions.

The Hot Seat will involve one client putting forward a specific issue. The group will then work to clarify the issue, uncover the real issue, and only then put forward suggestions.

The Mastermind session will focus on a specific topic, with a facilitated discussion around the issues and solutions.

Kim will be in touch with everybody before the event to uncover whether a) you would be interested in sitting on the hot seat, and/or b) whether you have a specific topic you would like to see discussed at a mastermind session.

Depending on the number of attendees and topics, we may pre-assign the groups and topics or take a vote on the day.

5:40 – Client Only Networking in Private Room

6:15ish – Break/Open Networking with Portfolio Landlords in the Court Room (Only portfolio landlords with 4+ properties are being invited to the later event)

6:30 – Buffet Served

7pm – Evening Event starts

We would be delighted if you are able to stay for the evening event. As with the last event, you can chose to be ‘visible’ as a client ambassador or not and we’ll give you a different colour lanyard depending on your preference. With your lanyard you will be able to order drinks from the upstairs bar at no cost to you.

The talks for the evening event will cover different material to that within the client only event.

You can view the public eventbrite page for the details on the evening event here (no need to sign up!):