Your next tax return is imminent…

If you feel like you’re paying too much tax and selling up is your best option in 2022…


There could be a better way


If tax and legislation are forcing you to rethink your options this year, our specialist team may be able to help.

Helping landlords maximise the benefits of running a property business is what we do – and it’s never been easier to find out if you could benefit.

If it’s right for you, then by taking professional advice to restructure your property business, you could enjoy:

-Full relief for finance & mortgage costs (Section 24 Tax Changes)

-Reduced Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on Portfolio Reinvestment

-Inheritance Tax potentially mitigated within two years of trading

-Maximum Tax Rate of 20% payable on your property income until April 2023

-Maximum Tax Rate of 25% (Corporation Tax Rate) payable from April 2023

-And that’s with no requirements to remortgage or change legal title, and no SDLT or CGT to pay on your business restructure. Plus…

Those who arrange their property business affairs in the most tax-efficient way allowed by law are best placed to take advantage of market opportunities.

So can Less Tax 4 Landlords help you?

If you own rental property in personal names, are a portfolio landlord and are a higher/advanced rate taxpayer, then you’re almost certainly paying too much tax on your property income.

Connect with us today and see if we can help you benefit financially from running a recognised property business:

  1. Take our free initial assessment at and you could be Tax Effective within 8 weeks
  2. Alternatively, you can take a look inside our Video-Vault and find 34 free tax and business planning videos.



Where appropriate, a business restructure with Less Tax 4 Landlords saves the average client at least £10,000 per year in income tax plus £000’s in capital gains tax. It also gives you the flexibility to adapt to any future changes in legislation.

And if you want to continue to read more about how a flexible structure could work to help mitigate the impact of rising rates & Section 24 on post-tax profits you can read our latest blog Tax Planning for Rising Interest Rates: Keeping Your Options Open?