If you haven’t already visited the property discussion forum Property Tribes this January, then head on over to their site where you’ll find everything you need to know about what it will take to run a successful and profitable property business in this new decade.

Property Tribes will be dropping new content daily, including interviews, articles, and expert commentary which offer practical things that landlords can do in January to kick-start their new year and decade.

On the site, you’ll find contributions from the Less Tax 4 Landlords team who share their tips on everything from business planning to arranging your Will.


Day 1 Content – An introduction to the campaign. 

Vanessa Warwick and Tony Gimple chat about what the campaign is all about.



Day 4 Content – Don’t put off estate planning & making a Will

An interview with Chelsea Simonds – Head of Estate Planning


Day 8 – Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

An interview with Nigel Hall – Head of Business Planning


Day 10 – Property Business Structures

An interview with Chris Bailey – Founding Director


With more content to come, please keep checking back for updates.

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