Initial Assessment for Residential Landlords

Find out if you're as tax-efficient as possible with a free initial assessment from Less Tax 4 Landlords. 

footnote details[1] Initial Assessment

A typical restructure saves the average client at least £10,000 in annual taxes plus £000's in capital gains tax, enabling them to re-invest this cash into growing their business.

By starting with 10 quick questions about your property portfolio, our assessment team can help you work out if restructuring your property portfolio today or at some point in the future could be a sensible and profitable option for you. 

We can also help you work out if another solution, such as Form 17, might be more appropriate for you.

Our videos below show more detail of the typical outcomes from the assessment and more about our free business structure consultation.

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Typical Outcomes From Assessment

Free Business Structure Consultation

Just Starting? If you are just starting out in the property business, and are looking to understand how best to set up, then we also offer business planning services and please email with your enquiry.

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