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Updates and ideas from Tony Gimple and the Less Tax 4 Landlords Team

Property TV Property Question Time Ep67 – Stephen Galpin, Nicole Bremner and Tony Gimple

In this episode Tony Gimple discusses will paying more tax affect my ability to borrow money and what does it mean to be a professional property landlord.

18 for 2018 Less Tax For Landlords

Here to talk about his plans for 2018 is Tony Gimple for Less Tax for Landlords. Despite Brexit and in spite of any historic challenges, many British businesses are preparing to make 2018 their best year ever. 18 for 2018 will follow some of their stories, aspirations...

Property TV – Property Question Time S1 Ep45 – Tony Gimple, Paul Mahoney and James Jenkins

In this episode Tony Gimple discusses what can you give away and what does it take to run a Professional Property Business.

Property TV – Property Question Time S1 Ep38 – Paul Higgs, Tony Gimple and Simon Zutshi

In this episode Tony Gimple discusses property threshold after death and an unregistered property can I avoid IHT.

Property TV Property Question Time S1 Ep35 – Tony Gimple, Chelsea Wright and Paul Higgs

In this episode Tony Gimple discusses life insurance policies trust, capital gains trust and Ton'y golden nugget of property information.

LT4L Client Only Meetup – Tuesday 23rd May

  We’re pleased to announce that on Tuesday May 23rd we’ll be holding our first client only event at Browns Covent Garden, 82-84 St Martin's Lane, London WC2N 4AG. The evening starts at 16:30 sharp, and between then and 18:00 clients will have the chance to network...

Another non-Budget

Whilst Philip Hammond’s performance was the most entertaining of any in recent times (unless you were on Labour’s frontbench that is), the Spring Budget was about as thin as it gets. Nothing much to write home about at all, with even the much decried rise in NIC for...

The Autumn Understatement!

What was meant to be the last ever Autumn Statement turned out to be the proverbial damp squib, at least as far as landlords are concerned. The much-hyped wish that Section 24 be repealed didn’t happen and, apart from an almost throw away comment on an incorporation...